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Colombia Toothpick Flags
Colombia Toothpick Flags
Colombia Toothpick Flags
Item#: 100 Colombian flag toothpicks

Dropshipping - If you are a restaurant supplier, flag company or other novelty supplier, we will blind dropship orders to your customers provided that you place the minimum $50.00 order online.

When checking out, please list your customer's shipping information in the "ship to" section and your information in the "bill to" section and provide your credit card info, your email address and your phone number in the appropriate spaces. Please do not use your customer's credit card info. We will not include a packing slip or invoice that indicates the price that you paid in the package that we send.

After you place your order online you will have the opportunity to print the completed invoice plus your confirmation email will also include the order details.

Most orders will ship the same business day or next business day depending on what time the order was placed. We do not dropship orders that do not meet our wholesale order size minimum of $50.00.